04 November 2008

dressing up!

Its been a fun weekend starting with Halloween on Friday, where Sierra had either the cheapest costume as a "bloody patient," which cost only an old pair of pajamas and $2 worth of fake blood from Walmart:

Or the most expensive, if you count the over $600 cast on her arm, which was what inspired the costume in the first place. Also, in our house, even the dog dresses up, much to Lady's dismay:
But it calms her down, albeit from shame I think, so she can be around the neighbor boys without jumping or barking. They came over dressed as Ghost Rider and Spiderman. It just proves no matter how dangerous the costume is supposed to be, when they're little, it's cute no matter what!

Even P-O, the exchange student I placed in Lone Oak from Belgium had fun on his first American Halloween! He was very excited to carve pumpkins for the first time ever, and dress up for the day, which he told me only young children do back home.

Now that its all over, its time to start thinking about the holiday season that is fast approaching! I am hard at work designing holiday ornaments and finishing three custom paintings that have to be in the mail this week. Stay tuned for pics this week of my newest work!! In the meantime, happy fall!

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