26 February 2009

Dear Corinne,

Dear Corinne,
Lately I have felt very neglected by you. I see that you are off doing things, busy and happy, and wonder why you just don't seem to notice me anymore. Am I not good enough anymore? Is it because I'm getting old? I know I'm not the young, quick thing I was when we first met, but we have had some good times, haven't we? I just don't understand. Ever since the power went out, its like you don't notice me as much anymore. Did you decide you don't need me as much? I'm very confused and hurt. Sure, you still play with me a little everyday, but not with the same zest and passion as before. Its like you're just going through the motions. You just turn me on long enough to check your email and maybe your MySpace, and bam! You're off to other things!

Well, thats fine. Did you ever think maybe I've had enough of you too? Well, I have. Oh, you want to use iTunes all of the sudden? You think the time you spend on me for that, using me when it suits me is supposed to be good enough? Thats fine. Try it, babe. Haha! It isn't working is it?? Cooincidence? I can play games with you too, toots. You better get your act together, because I'm not taking you using me anymore. You better show me some love soon, cause I've had enough. Or you can forget about burning your 100's of cds to that iPod.

your computer

19 February 2009

Day Four and Five of the ice storm

Day Four and Five:
Ice, snow, and cold. Still no power, and still don't know when there will be any either. Cell phones haven't worked in days, so most of the communication we have gotten has been whatever neighbors that have been able to get out and hear have come over and told us. Its like living in the old days, at least as near as I can figure it is. Days are spent with neighbors outside, cutting our way out of the driveway and borrowing/ lending whatever we have to share. At least everyone has been in pretty good spirits still, and we have great neighbors. Our wood burning stove insert in the fireplace has been our only source of heat, but frozen, green wood doesn't burn easily. Our neighbor across the street lent us an ax and splitters, so there's been a lot of wood chopping going on. Everything is a lot of work, but at least the days go fast. The nights are slower. Reading by candlelight and playing board games that you can actually see in semi-dark are more challenging than one might think. We played Uno last night cause that seemed simple in the dark, but blue and green cards look surprisingly alike. Connect Four is easy in the dark, but I must be tired cause the kid beat me over half the time! If there's no power this weekend, we've decided to go to Illinois for some power and warm showers. Of course that, too, involves planning, since the gas stations that are actually open are about 30 minutes away in the opposite direction, but I want a shower so bad...

17 February 2009

Day Three of the Ice Storm

Day Three:
Everything is a total mess, but even after the house shaking all night from the falling trees and branches, which was terrifying at times, we got really lucky. Everything missed the house by a foot all the way around. There's a branch on the roof, but it didn't seem to go through. Even better, in walking around the house assessing the damage, Tramp, who has been missing for two days, came out from hiding under the AC/heating unit totally fine. I cried from relief. I had half expected to find him under a branch or something.

14 February 2009

Day Two of the Ice Storm

Day two:
Crunching and crashing is all I have heard all day and night. Falling trees and limbs shake and rock the house, and even in the distance sound close. Probably the most unreal winter storm I have ever experienced. Hopefully none of our trees fall on our house. Sleeping tonight will be hard.

12 February 2009

The Ice Storm of 2009- day one

Day One, morning:
Everything is covered in ice. Its actually really pretty especially since we never get ice or even really snow down here. I have these berries on my tree; to be honest I have never even noticed them before, but how pretty are they? There are a few branches down and the power is out, but it isn't so bad besides that.
Day One, evening:
Its been doing this freezing rain thing/ snow all day off and on. Its pretty but cold without power. At least we have some firewood to burn from this summer's bonfires and wood left from Ike knocking down trees, and a fireplace/ wood stove to burn it in. Plus two laptops=two movies, one tonight and one tomorrow assuming the power is still out, which I am guessing it will be.
Stay tuned for my day to day replay of my mental and photo journal of our lovely ice storm that knocked out the power for two weeks. I'm sooooo glad to have my power and internet back!