30 June 2008

Lil' Rush

I went and saw Rush this weekend. My favorite part of the show? As always, Rush puts on a rockin' show with crazy cool lights and things going on to watch. Their new tour has South Park in their own band, Lil' Rush, doing their version of "Tom Sawyer". What none of us could figure out, though, is it from an actual episode? We have about two thirds of our DVR filled with South Park episodes, so we should know this. If you know, please tell me!!

27 June 2008

Happy Accidents and Cupcake Thieves

It was about midnight when I went sleepily to the medicine cabinet to take a couple Benadryl before turning in for the night. Drowsily, I looked down at the counter where the cupcakes for a Hannah Montana cupcake guitar I was doing sat. "Funny," I thought, "it looked like more before." I counted them-21. I needed 24. I baked 24. I was tired, but sure I made 24. I counted the tins to make sure. Yep, two pans of twelve means 24 cupcakes. I counted the cupcakes again. Somehow three had gone missing, and I needed these frosted and ready to pick up first thing in the morning. Never mind that Lady was looking at me like this the whole time I baked them:

She couldn't have eaten them. Not my puppy! Besides, there was not one shred of evidence, no wrapper, or even so much as a stray crumb around.

I woke up Josh. Why would he eat them? How could he do this to me? Its midnight, I'm out of eggs, and I need three cupcakes.

Me: "Did you eat any cupcakes?"
Josh (still asleep): "Cupcakes? Who has cupcakes? What's a cupcake?"

Me: "They're gone! Vanished! What am I supposed to do now?"
Josh (waking up, sighs heavily): "C'mon, let's go to Paducah"
Because the nearest place to buy eggs in the middle of the night is apparently half an hour away, and I have the husband of the year, who is actually willing to make that drive.
Well, as it turned out, Josh didn't eat my cupcakes. I should've known that- he hates cake. What can I say? I was half asleep and not thinking straight either. I also wouldn't hear of driving a hour round trip for eggs, so I improvised. Serendipity stepped in, and my solution was good ol' fashioned Rice Crispy Treats. Here's what I ended up with, a half Rice Crispy Treat and half cupcake Hannah Montana guitar:

I was never so glad to see an order leave my house.

25 June 2008

New Butterfly Jewelry

Butterflies are always popular. I have a certain obsession with them; something about them fascinates me. The newest of my butterflies:

24 June 2008

New Turquoise Jewelry!!

After alot of requests for turquoise jewelry at craft shows, I have spent the last few months searching high and low for the best, top quality turquoise to incorporate into my jewelry. As they started to show up in my mailbox, I bagan to hoard and covet "my precious" until inspiration hit. Well, that day was yesterday, and I have (and will continue all week) to list new high quality sterling silver necklaces and earrings in my shop. Here are some of my favorites:

Be sure to visit my shop to see what else is new, and for my blog readers, this week only, enjoy free shipping on orders over $10 with the coupon code: DASSHIP01

Enter the coupon code into "message to seller" in checkout and wait for a revised invoice before paying. Happy shopping! xoxo

23 June 2008

The Birds Flew the Coop!

The baby birds flew yesterday! In the meantime, here are the latest (custom) pendants in my collection:

Have a beautiful day! xoxo

20 June 2008

The Birds Part II

I've gotten a little braver in the past few days. I watch the baby cardinals out my bedroom window several times a day, waiting for the right moment to throw open the window and lean in for some closeups. Everyday they have a little more feathers and open their eyes more. So ugly they're cute! Here are some pictures from yesterday.
Eyes open:

Eyes closed after the flash scared them a little:

So, in the spirit of all this magic and wonder, I am having a contest. Comment to this post with which day you think my babies will first leave the nest. Everyone that is right will win a free mini painting, bird earrings, or a bird pendant. The pictures above were from yesterday, so make an educated (or wild) guess. Thanks for playing! Good luck!

19 June 2008

Proud To Be Lowbrow

Apparently I have been putting all my jewelry in the wrong category in my Etsy shop. I thought "jewelry" covered it, but in browsing yesterday by category, I stumbled on jewelry similar to mine, (but hey, not all hand drawn with all the love I put in) under "kitsch". I guess I never knew really what this meant, because according to Webster's dictionary, it is:

Pronunciation: \ˈkich\
Function: noun
Etymology: German
Date: 1925
1 : something that appeals to popular or lowbrow taste and is often of poor quality 2 : a tacky or lowbrow quality or condition
— kitsch adjective

Gosh, I thought it was just fun, retro-ish, maybe a little pop art, fifties funky, that sort of thing. Lowbrow?! That's a little harsh. I consider my stuff to be high quality, since I consider how abusive I am to jewelry, and design everything to stand up to that. I spend alot of time hand drawing what others would just photocopy some graphic and glue on, and I definately never considered anything I make "tacky". I prefer "funky" or even "unique". Nonetheless, I tried putting some of my things in the "kitsch" category just to see what happens. My newest, He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not earrings:

As it turns out, kitsch is a pretty broad term, that apparently means something different to everyone. Some really cool artists are considered kitsch. My favorite, Russian born South African artist Vladimir Tretchikoff, was considered "the king of kitsch" (quite a title, don't you think?), and also one of the best selling artists of all time. One of my favorites, Ballerina:
I'm not even in this dude's league, but I'll settle for being kitsch, even lowbrow, for now. If you're up for a little educational reading, you can read more about this fantastic artist here.
Or just waste some time browsing Kitsch on Etsy here. Have a kitschy day! xoxo

18 June 2008

The Birds!! Ahhhh!!!

I admit it- I'm a little scared of birds. I say this with a certain amount of trepidation, because I used to make fun of people who were scared of birds. I mean, they're birds, not grizzly bears. I have come to realize my fear in taking this picture of a bird's nest outside my bedroom window:

Now, last year, we had cardinals build this nest and lay eggs in it, and while the whole thing was fascinating to watch, and I took lots of pictures, but all I ended up with was really good pictures of my window screen. So this year, I thought, "boy am I dumb! Why don't I just lift the screen up and lean in closer?" Now, cardinals are by nature "honery" as my grandma would say. Especially when guarding a nest. So I waited for just the right time when mom and dad were both out of sight, and took advantage of the moment. However, the whole maybe three minutes I leaned out my window, I was in terror of being dive-bombed by an angry cardinal and flinched at every sound. So I only got four pictures. Oh, well, I will try again.

In the meantime, I have much friendlier cardinals in my shop:

I also have bird pendants and earrings. Birds you don't have to be scared of.

17 June 2008

Turtles Turtles Everywhere!

I live in a small resort town called Grand Rivers here in Kentucky. We don't have a WalMart, we're in a dry county so there are no bars, and we have to drive to shop for almost anything.
We do, however, have restaurants, two lakes (one on each side) with two marinas, a live theatre, and, of course, Green Turtle Bay, a luxury resort right here in western Kentucky. Named for the masses of turtles that swarm the marina year round (they hide in the winter, kinda like me), this beautiful place is one reason I like living here. I have always felt most at peace sitting on the shore of some large body of water, watching it all or nothing in particular. I also love those dang turtles, and throwing food to them like I am still six. Hey, I can still be a kid at heart!
In this spirit, my newest necklaces are two different hand sculpted and hand painted turtle pendants with semi precious beads. These tiny sculptures take over a week to make, since they are sculpted by hand and then hand painted meticulously. I then seal them with a high gloss poly to get that notice-me finish, and protect them all at once. I used lovely natural beads with variation in them to complement the turtle-ness of it all, with just a touch of czech glass for sparkle.
These fun necklaces are available now in my shop, for the trendsetter that isn't faint of heart!
If you're in Western Kentucky, stop on by Green Turtle Bay and see the real thing!

16 June 2008

Restoring My Faith In Humanity

I woke up last Wednesday to a phone call from Switzerland. One of my online friends and former featured artist on this blog, Novita of Pyong Bricole boutique bags and purses, was calling me to get my address to mail a purse she made for Sierra for her birthday. She insisted it was a gift from her, and wouldn't even hear of me paying for even the shipping. I spent the rest of the day marveling at the niceness of this act, and telling everyone that would listen the whole story. The purse arrived today in the mail, and is absolutely stunning! Extremely well made, perfect down to every detail, I am still reeling from the unselfish niceness of this gift. Here is Sierra sportin' her new purse:

Then Friday came, and off we wet on the half hour drive in the pouring down rain to Paducah to gather supplies for Sierra's birthday party the next day. At a stop light, I watched a guy get out of his apparently broken down car in the rain and attempt to push it off the road by himself, and before I could get, "we should help him," out of my mouth, a stranger in another car hopped out and helped him. An hour later, after running to get the truck in the still torrential rain, Josh dropped his wallet in the parking lot of the restaurant, but didn't realize it till much later. We jumped into action, canceling all the credit cards and planning for replacing all th contents, when the phone rang. A man had found the wallet, taken everything out to dry, including the cash we had kissed good bye, and called us to tell us we could pick it up the next day. When the reward of the cash still in the wallet was offered, it was turned down with a "pay it forward, just do the same sometime," kind of response.

My faith in humanity is restored.

Thanks to everyone who has done something nice for someone they have never met this week.

13 June 2008

Panties for Peace

Apparently I am not as up on current events as I should be. *hangs head in shame* Today I read about a movement I think we should all participate in THIS INSTANT, if not sooner. To protest the cruel treatment of women and support Myanmar women, whom since the uprising against the government Aug 8, 1988 (known as 8888), have suffered especially inhumane treatment at the hands of the military junta. "They bring women to barracks, rape and brutalise them and then dump them back in their villages. The world should enforce sanctions on them and try them for human rights violations,” Mika Levesque of the Rights & Democracy Student Network said.

To mark the 20th anniversary of the 8888 uprising in Myanmar, human rights and feminist groups are sending panties to Burmese government officials, who still subscribe to the superstitious belief that touching a woman's underpants takes away power. To participate in this non-violent protest, women worldwide are encouraged to take a pair of their panties, glue a picture of the military rulers on it or write a message for the junta on them, and send them to the nearest embassy. This movement will go on until August 8, 2008. In the United States, it is:

New York

U Linn Myaing, Ambassador Extraordinary & U Aung Linn Htut, CounsellorEmbassy of the Union of Myanmar

2300 S St. N.W. Washington D.C 20008
Tel: +001 202 332-9044 / +001 202 332-9049, 332-9045Fax: +001 202 332-9046

U Kyaw Tint Swe, Permanent Representative & U Kyi Tun, Deputy Head of MissionPermanent Mission of the Union of Myanmar to the United Nations

10 East 77TH St. N. Y 10021
Tel: +001 212 535-1310 / +001 212 535-1311Fax: +001 212 737-2421

"This campaign is a chance for you as a woman to take away the power of the military junta by sending your knickers to Burmese embassies which is a culturally insulting gesture of protest against the brutal crackdown there which received worldwide condemnation for violently suppressing the pro-democracy protest on September 26th & 27th, 2007 resulting in a number of deaths. The junta also ordered the arrests of protest leaders, including Buddhist monks."

-Panties for Peace statement

Awesome panties in photo by deardiary.etsy.com

12 June 2008

I've hit 700 hits this week on my website!

722 actually. Which is totally wierd since I have neglected all things online this week for preparing for Sierra's big ten birthday party this week. However it happened (I would like to think it's because I'm fabulous, haha), I'm going to run a sale for readers of this blog only!! Since I got 600 hits, I'm offering $7.00 off any purchase of $13.00 or more, just by entering coupon code: 700HITS in "message to seller" when you check out. Then, instead of going on to pay, just sit back and wait for that cheaper invoice to hit your e-mail. Easy-peasy!

Thanks! Have a fabulous day in the warm sunshine!! xoxo Corinne

11 June 2008

Why I love my dog (even if noone else does!)

My poor dog suffers the worst discrimination. It's not her fault she's a Jack Russell-Rat Terrier mix. "Jumping and barking are in your nature," I tell her, "be who you are." She can't help that when she is really excited to see you, her butt just naturally squats and a little pee leaks out. "Hey, we've all leaked pee before. It happens," I tell her, "don't feel bad."

But she does feel bad, because she doesn't get invited to puppy playdates like all the other dogs. "Doesn't play well with others" and "too excited" they all say. She just loves everyone, and wants to be held, so she jumps. She's a tomboy, and likes to play rough, but when the other dogs do it, they don't get in trouble. She can't help that she is strong for her small stature.

Well, Lady, I still love you. The rest of the world doesn't know what it's missing. You let me dress you up:

And you lay in my lap wherever I am:

I think everyone should have a dog. Big or small, I love them all! So my dog has moxie, so what?! Eventually somebody's dog is bound to let my dog come over to play.

10 June 2008

83 and counting...

The Grid has really caught on, especially once the word got out on Etsy, the greatest place online!! I am now up to 83, only 17 away from my goal of 100 I set only a few months ago. I set this goal thinking it would take quite awhile to reach, but in this short amount of time, I have met super talented artists from around the world and seen so many ideas. If you haven't yet checked out The Grid, or haven't visited it lately, go look!

Other than that keeping me busy, I have, as always been creating new art. This week, I bring you shrink art hand drawn jewelry. All is handmade, handdrawn, and one of a kind, and fun, fun, fun!! Maybe some patriotic earrings are in order:

Check out this new jewelry and more in my Etsy shop, daydreamartstudios.etsy.com

I have also just lowered all my prices for a limited time only, so even if you've seen it before, check it out again!! Thanks! xoxo Corinne

05 June 2008

A Day in the Life...

I have probably taken on too much. Seems I thrive in chaos, because I certainly am happier that way. I am now a columnist for an online art zine, http://www.skwigglekreationz.com I write a weekly interview section with various artists, so if you want to be interview, contact me and we'll chat. I am also contributing to two other blogs in addition to this one, Etsy Secrets and Bluegrass Etsy. I am also interviewing Kentucky artisans in the Bluegrass blog as of late, and posting super secret specials in Etsy Secrets!! Check them out (links are forever and ever in the sidebar over there--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->>>

I am also in the process of trying to place exchange students in local host families. This is, so far, time consuming, but quite fun for a social butterfly like me. The problem in working from home, since the bar burned down and I am here, has been the utter lack of socialization. I am now in a job, albeit part time, that I essentially talk for a living. How perfect is that?

I am also utterly inspired lately and have two paintings, a custom tattoo order, and umpteen jewelry pieces in the works. As if I wasn't busy enough, haha!! Throw in trying to wrap up the school year in the ol' Sullivan homeschool for the year, and plan out the summer, which seems to already be planned up, and get ready for the big double digit birthday for Sierra, and WHEW!! Hard to believe next week my little baby will be ten! This year it's all about Hannah Montana. Oh well, at least it's not Jaymee Lynn Spears or Britney for that matter.

So if you get time, (because I know I sure don't have any) check out Skwiggle Kreationz. Or any of the other blogs I'm writing. Stop on by, say hello!!

04 June 2008

What Is Your Karmic Footprint?

karma : the force generated by a person's actions held in Hinduism and Buddhism to perpetuate transmigration and in its ethical consequences to determine the nature of the person's next existence

Pronunciation: ˈkär-mə
Function: noun
Etymology: Sanskrit karma fate, work

Like most typical Americans, I tend to think of karma more as a "you get what you put out there" idea, or simply "what goes around comes around". From the idea that your actions have a result directly related to it, karma reminds us that we can control what we do, and what result it has on others. Without getting into a theological discussion of past lives and such eternal repercussions, I believe that whatever karma you put out there comes back and smacks you right.dab.in.the.face. Maybe its just me, but this has happened so many times in my life, I can't ignore it. When I have really wronged someone, even in crazy specific ways, the same dang thing has happened to me from someone else. Conversely, when I have done something selfless and kind, someone has been there for me in the same way some other time, for which I am always very grateful.

I guess what I am getting at is that we all need to think about how much we accept responsibility for our own lives. How we treat others and what kind of energy we put out into the world affects everyone, including ourselves. Whether you are kind in fear that your next life will be as a rat, or you are kind simply to be, think about the karmic footprint you leave. Try to be more conscious of how you treat others and the rewards will be great.

For more in-depth information about karma as it relates to Hinduism (for I am certainly no expert on the Hinduism perspective, just open to learning!):


03 June 2008

Nifty New Soldered Pendants!!

I have had a fascination with soldered pendants, or for that matter, stained glass and anything soldered, for years. The main problem with the typical pendant found in most shops, in my opinion, is that despite being made from glass and metal, water is still the enemy. Realistically, how often do you forget to take off all your jewelry before hopping in the shower? Maybe I am particularly flaky, because I do all the time. So, in thinking of a solution to putting paper, which gets ruined when wet (and soldered pendants are not air or water tight), I also considered how I could play with light in them as well. Anyone who knows me, knows I have a fascination with the way light works with my art. I love to think about how I can use light as an element in everything I do. I don't even do it intentionally anymore; it's just something that happens.

So my new line of soldered pendants are now appearing, a few at a time, in my Etsy shop. Some are collages of many layers of vinyl. I also have a fascination with dioramas, and tried to translate that into a necklace. This one, with the green fairy, has three layers of glass and four layers of printed vinyl on different sides of the glass (but all captured inside the outer glass) for a multi-dimensional look:

I also made one just for me, with a combination of handpainted glass, embedded glitter, and a collage of printed vinyl elements inside the glass:

Last, but most certainly not least, as I am very excited about these in particular, are tiny pendants and charms featuring vintage Viewmaster slides with several handmade elements added:

Check them all out, and my other new jewelry, RIGHT HERE! Thanks!

02 June 2008

Tag Our Driveway!!

I started a new art project. I have a chunk of my driveway that is gravel, and in the past week, everyone that has been over (well, almost everyone, some people are surprisingly spray paint shy) has been asked to tag it. There are a few, "hey, we have a kid here" type rules, but other than that, its fair game. So, if you're in the neighborhood...