05 June 2008

A Day in the Life...

I have probably taken on too much. Seems I thrive in chaos, because I certainly am happier that way. I am now a columnist for an online art zine, http://www.skwigglekreationz.com I write a weekly interview section with various artists, so if you want to be interview, contact me and we'll chat. I am also contributing to two other blogs in addition to this one, Etsy Secrets and Bluegrass Etsy. I am also interviewing Kentucky artisans in the Bluegrass blog as of late, and posting super secret specials in Etsy Secrets!! Check them out (links are forever and ever in the sidebar over there--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->>>

I am also in the process of trying to place exchange students in local host families. This is, so far, time consuming, but quite fun for a social butterfly like me. The problem in working from home, since the bar burned down and I am here, has been the utter lack of socialization. I am now in a job, albeit part time, that I essentially talk for a living. How perfect is that?

I am also utterly inspired lately and have two paintings, a custom tattoo order, and umpteen jewelry pieces in the works. As if I wasn't busy enough, haha!! Throw in trying to wrap up the school year in the ol' Sullivan homeschool for the year, and plan out the summer, which seems to already be planned up, and get ready for the big double digit birthday for Sierra, and WHEW!! Hard to believe next week my little baby will be ten! This year it's all about Hannah Montana. Oh well, at least it's not Jaymee Lynn Spears or Britney for that matter.

So if you get time, (because I know I sure don't have any) check out Skwiggle Kreationz. Or any of the other blogs I'm writing. Stop on by, say hello!!

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