03 June 2008

Nifty New Soldered Pendants!!

I have had a fascination with soldered pendants, or for that matter, stained glass and anything soldered, for years. The main problem with the typical pendant found in most shops, in my opinion, is that despite being made from glass and metal, water is still the enemy. Realistically, how often do you forget to take off all your jewelry before hopping in the shower? Maybe I am particularly flaky, because I do all the time. So, in thinking of a solution to putting paper, which gets ruined when wet (and soldered pendants are not air or water tight), I also considered how I could play with light in them as well. Anyone who knows me, knows I have a fascination with the way light works with my art. I love to think about how I can use light as an element in everything I do. I don't even do it intentionally anymore; it's just something that happens.

So my new line of soldered pendants are now appearing, a few at a time, in my Etsy shop. Some are collages of many layers of vinyl. I also have a fascination with dioramas, and tried to translate that into a necklace. This one, with the green fairy, has three layers of glass and four layers of printed vinyl on different sides of the glass (but all captured inside the outer glass) for a multi-dimensional look:

I also made one just for me, with a combination of handpainted glass, embedded glitter, and a collage of printed vinyl elements inside the glass:

Last, but most certainly not least, as I am very excited about these in particular, are tiny pendants and charms featuring vintage Viewmaster slides with several handmade elements added:

Check them all out, and my other new jewelry, RIGHT HERE! Thanks!

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