17 June 2008

Turtles Turtles Everywhere!

I live in a small resort town called Grand Rivers here in Kentucky. We don't have a WalMart, we're in a dry county so there are no bars, and we have to drive to shop for almost anything.
We do, however, have restaurants, two lakes (one on each side) with two marinas, a live theatre, and, of course, Green Turtle Bay, a luxury resort right here in western Kentucky. Named for the masses of turtles that swarm the marina year round (they hide in the winter, kinda like me), this beautiful place is one reason I like living here. I have always felt most at peace sitting on the shore of some large body of water, watching it all or nothing in particular. I also love those dang turtles, and throwing food to them like I am still six. Hey, I can still be a kid at heart!
In this spirit, my newest necklaces are two different hand sculpted and hand painted turtle pendants with semi precious beads. These tiny sculptures take over a week to make, since they are sculpted by hand and then hand painted meticulously. I then seal them with a high gloss poly to get that notice-me finish, and protect them all at once. I used lovely natural beads with variation in them to complement the turtle-ness of it all, with just a touch of czech glass for sparkle.
These fun necklaces are available now in my shop, for the trendsetter that isn't faint of heart!
If you're in Western Kentucky, stop on by Green Turtle Bay and see the real thing!

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