10 June 2008

83 and counting...

The Grid has really caught on, especially once the word got out on Etsy, the greatest place online!! I am now up to 83, only 17 away from my goal of 100 I set only a few months ago. I set this goal thinking it would take quite awhile to reach, but in this short amount of time, I have met super talented artists from around the world and seen so many ideas. If you haven't yet checked out The Grid, or haven't visited it lately, go look!

Other than that keeping me busy, I have, as always been creating new art. This week, I bring you shrink art hand drawn jewelry. All is handmade, handdrawn, and one of a kind, and fun, fun, fun!! Maybe some patriotic earrings are in order:

Check out this new jewelry and more in my Etsy shop, daydreamartstudios.etsy.com

I have also just lowered all my prices for a limited time only, so even if you've seen it before, check it out again!! Thanks! xoxo Corinne

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