11 June 2008

Why I love my dog (even if noone else does!)

My poor dog suffers the worst discrimination. It's not her fault she's a Jack Russell-Rat Terrier mix. "Jumping and barking are in your nature," I tell her, "be who you are." She can't help that when she is really excited to see you, her butt just naturally squats and a little pee leaks out. "Hey, we've all leaked pee before. It happens," I tell her, "don't feel bad."

But she does feel bad, because she doesn't get invited to puppy playdates like all the other dogs. "Doesn't play well with others" and "too excited" they all say. She just loves everyone, and wants to be held, so she jumps. She's a tomboy, and likes to play rough, but when the other dogs do it, they don't get in trouble. She can't help that she is strong for her small stature.

Well, Lady, I still love you. The rest of the world doesn't know what it's missing. You let me dress you up:

And you lay in my lap wherever I am:

I think everyone should have a dog. Big or small, I love them all! So my dog has moxie, so what?! Eventually somebody's dog is bound to let my dog come over to play.

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