28 April 2008

Check it out! I got interviewed!

Thanks, Kelly! Kelly Malouf, of Kelly Malouf Designs, interviewed me a couple of weeks ago for her blog. You can read it here. She also makes fabulous jewelry herself. You can check her stuff out on her website.

25 April 2008

Here Comes the Sun!

I have seasonal affective disorder, I'm sure of it. I have been moping and puttering around the house for what seems like the longest winter in history, but this week it went from 40 degrees to 80! So I am a happy girl. Make that delirious. Why, you ask? Why, I must be crazy to offer my newest jewelry set at such a steal, especially when I wanted to keep it for myself. Yes, alot of love, meticulous work, and good vibes went into this piece.

Want to see more? Visit the Grand Opening of my Etsy shop online: www.daydreamartstudios.etsy.com


24 April 2008

A Little About Me

Everyday I blog about my art, someone elses art, and sometimes even my daughters art. Then last night, I was laying there wide awake petting the dog at 2 am, thinking, why don't I ever just write about something personal? I mean, either you're reading this cause you already know me, and might like to read something more about whats going on around here, or else you don't know me from Adam, and are trying to learn more. So, here goes, a random factoid for both groups:

I have a 9 year old daughter named Sierra. I am a stay at home mom, and homeschool her. She was born with this crazy thick mess of bright red hair, and it shows. Which usually means, I HAVE to have my coffee before school can begin. Or else I will lay the smack down. (not really, lol, but somedays I do contemplate running off and becoming a gypsy)

I have had lots of jobs, usually two or three at a time, doing just about everything. My new friends usually ask, at some point, "what HAVEN'T you done?" I take it as a compliment. I don't think they really mean it that way, but I am happy thinking it, so who cares?

I am 31, I think. Sometimes I forget. Dementia runs in my family, and my great grandmother thought she was 13 for a week when I was, like 13. Sometimes I act like I am 60. Sometimes I act like I am 10. I often catch myself sounding like my mother to my daughter. I have yet to decide if this is a good thing.

I yelled "in or out!!" yesterday to Sierra. Then I thought, why are all mothers required to MAKE their kids choose one? I mean, what's the big deal? Will the front door break from over-use? Will opening the door 50 times for 2 seconds a pop make the utility bills skyrocket? Is it really that annoying, or did I attend some parenting seminar in my sleep, where this was an established rule? At any rate, I didn't yell it the next 12 times she came in for water, to pee, to show me a rock, or to tell me something.

I have at least 15 grey hairs. I dye my hair all the time, so much so that I am not sure of my real color. All I really know is that grey hairs must be some punishment sent down from God, because no matter what the box says, nothing covers 'em all, nothing.

I have also figured out that the older I get, the dumber I feel. I wonder if that is true for everyone, or if I live too close to power lines and am ACTUALLY getting dumber.

I really love the outdoors. Like, I would rather live in a tent most days. Except there is some silly stigma to people who live in tents. Also, I couldn't watch CSI then, and CSI makes me feel smart.

That's all for now. I think I will go enjoy the 75 degree weather now, and run in and out of the house a bunch to see if it really is that fun.

23 April 2008

ArtistS of the Week!

I discovered this group of wild, wacky, fun loving, super creative moms this week, and decided to join the ranks! Who are they? Why, the Fabulous Artistic Moms of Etsy, of course! A talented bunch of moms with Etsy stores of their handmade with love goodies. This fantastic group joined together as a street team to help each other out and form friendships based on their common love of art and crafting. All of these ladies have something unique and new to offer the world, so be sure to visit the website, and browse their stores. Mother's Day is just around the corner, so why not give her a one of a kind, handmade with love, for mom by mom kind of gift? Visit www.etsyfame.com to learn more.

22 April 2008

I heart Etsy!

I love Etsy! This terrific site is for buying and selling all things handmade, but it goes so beyond that! The members all network and join groups based on interests and helping each other out to be successful. I joined almost two weeks ago, and have already sold two things there, hopefully more to come! I am trying to put a new item in my shop Monday - Friday, and today, in honor of Earth Day, added another creation that combines handmade with recycled parts. See:

TODAY ONLY in my Etsy store I have a secret item with a special super offer- can you find it?


21 April 2008

Earth Day treasure

In honor of Earth Day, I thought it was only right if I recycled something in my art. So, my newest necklace, made with love from a vintage prom dress I salvaged for parts:
Gotta love rhinestones!! The skull pendant is one of several that I made by hand, so they are all a little different, and sealed for a super high shine for extra glitz. Since its from recycled and handmade parts, there is only one like it, so if you like- click here to buy. Happy Earth Day! Save the earth- buy recycled!

18 April 2008

Pollen, tattoos, earthquakes, and contests

What a week! My head has felt like a balloon all week, thanks to this beautiful spring weather and all that blooms. I have never in my life seen pollen actually cover the earth like it does here in Kentucky. Everything actually turns yellow from the layer of pollen that falls from I assume, some devil tree. Its so bad, I don't even have a runny nose. Oh, no, my snot clings for dear life as high up as it can. I can actually hear it screaming, "nooooooooo," as it grabs on and won't let go. So I have been trying to stay motivated this week even though I am dizzy, and have eyes that look like this:

Good thing Zak wanted me to draw me to draw him another tattoo. A real good thing he wanted a bugged-out eyeball. Cause that's exactly how I feel. Arggg...

On the good side, though, I have finally started selling stuff online, thanks to you! :) Two friends called me this week I haven't heard from in a few months called to catch up. There was an earthquake this morning, and despite all the buzz about it, nothing was damaged or even moved. My dog learned, "that's my seat," and moves out of my way. Everything I had to go to court for is over for good, thanks to hard work, patience, and prayer. I made a friend that also homeschools her daughter online and met her and her daughter IRL at Chuck-E-Cheese's, so the girls could play together. Best of all, despite the nasty pollen cloud that seems out to get me, I opened my windows, because it is finally warm out!!

Sierra also entered a drawing/ painting contest for kids from our mortgage company. They were supposed to draw our house. I'm really proud, she worked really hard, and it looks great! See:

16 April 2008

Ocean Breeze- new painting

It's been awhile since I finished a painting, but what can I say? The drawbacks of having a short attention span, and working on five or six things at once is that a full studio does not mean anything to show for it sometimes. Despite all the craziness this month has brought, I have been feeling pretty crafty! Here's my new mini painting, and it can be yours now for a mere $25.00! What a deal for some original art!
Ocean Breeze, oils, 6" x 6" on a 1" deep gallery wrapped canvas

15 April 2008

Artist of the Week

My artist of the week is Redd Hynes. She originally stood out with this little contribution to The Grid:

Killing time, I went to read her blog and I have to tell you, this chick cracks me up. Her very funny blog, A Little Piece of the Madness, is a hilarious rambling barage of shout outs to other artists, updates on her son, new jewelry she makes and random thoughts that will keep you laughing and very, very entertained. She claims a phD in "kicking your ass," as her education. What does that tell you? Her website is definately as fun and quirky as the 25 year old self proclaimed "dame" is herself. See?

Her jewelry shop on etsy is chock full of fun stuff at a huge deal. I think she must steal, because everything is crazy cheap for what it is. Seriously, if you see a young chick named Redd running around Canada holding up craft shops, offer to take her out for coffee. You'd have fun, I'm sure. I am digging this squirrel ring in her shop:

Check her out! And while you're on Etsy, wasting time, wander on over to my new Etsy shop there, and tell me what you think! For a limited time, get a free gift with any purchase!

14 April 2008

New Jewelry

I have had so much fun playing with polymer clay on my vases, I have started making pendants for my jewelry. The nice thing about this clay is I can make funky, chunky styles I love, but it is still super lightweight. Finished with a super shiny clearcoat, this butterfly necklace really draws attention!
I am also trying out a different store site to sell my stuff, so this piece, and a few others, is in my new etsy store. To buy now, CLICK HERE. All my other jewelry is still available HERE!

13 April 2008

The diorama queen does it again!

We are studying Rainforests in this unit for History/ Geography in Sierra's homeschooling, and she had so much fun making the first diorama she HAD to make another one! So, one can of play-doh, one box of air dry clay, and a bunch of paper and paint later, her masterpiece was revealed:
If we weren't already running out of boxes as it is, I would make one myself. I am actually pretty jealous I couldn't! My favorite thing is hard to see here, but she has a cool little lake full of fish surrounded by real rocks! You can see the line of rocks that makes up the front of the lake. Nothing went unnoticed, and there is a ton of detail up close. The research for this went way beyond Rainforest Cafe, thank you very much. Hey, in this house, learning is fun!

I have had such a good time teaching Sierra lately, that I went ahead and added on to my long list of services: art classes!! For the less than the price of your typical park district art class, I now teach privately in my studio!! How can you beat that?

11 April 2008

there goes plan B...

It's the darndest thing. I live in a town of 350 people. we have 4 restaurants open to the public nearby- Patti's 1880's Settlement, Iron Kettle (part of Patti's, technically), The Pelican, and The Cumberland House. In less than one week, two of the four went up in smoke. Weird, huh?

So I guess I really have more time to work on my art now!! If you haven't checked out all I have to offer, why wait? I'm just sitting here, watching the town burn down, painting away...

09 April 2008

Fires and Shout Outs

My week started a little rough but things are looking up! You may or may not know that while I enjoy my life of leisure and creativity in the off season, when the tourists are here in our beautiful town cruising the lakes , I work as a bartender. It's an incredibly fun job that I look forward to getting back to all winter. I love the fast paced social-ness of it, the art of mixology, the pride in knowing I make the best martini and manhattan this side of the Mississippi, the different people I meet and the stories they tell. The place I work at, The Cumberland House, was slated to open back up soon, and after meeting with the owners last Thursday, I was going to start my cleanup this Tuesday (yesterday). I had just gotten to my hotel in Chicago when I got the call my bar was on fire. For hours. I spent all weekend worrying after finding out the owner was airlifted to Evansville, and my job didn't seem so important anymore. Dan and Deloris, the couple that own the place, are the nicest people, and thank God, Dan is ok. It was iffy for a day or so, but he is out of the Trauma unit and has only minor burns. He is already talking about reopening, although it may be awhile before I am back to work. Good thing I am creative!! More time to work on my art!

Speaking of my art, I got a shout out today from one of my online blogging friends on her blog! Go check it out, and her beautiful jewelry:

08 April 2008

Artist of the Week-Lola Akinmade

Lola Akinmade originally attracted my attention with this 100X100 pixel entry for The Grid:
This delightful woman takes earthy, emotional, and stunningly beautiful photography from her travels around the globe. Her website is as down to earth and beautiful as she is. The muted, earth colors, and simple design are an immediate tell of her style in general. See?
After all my attention and focus lately on international travel, and exchange students, this site really appeals to me, and her photojournalism hits home. Her photography makes the everyday life of her subjects convey a beauty and story well beyond the image that is captured in the moment. Each subject has a story, an emotion, that shines through and captures the hearts of the viewer. Here is a small sample, from her trip to Nigeria in 2007:
I can't help but love this artist and her work!! Go check it out for yourself!

06 April 2008

Host an exchange student!!

I am exhausted. I spent all weekend in Chicago for a training/ meeting for my new job, and now I am on standby at O'Hare, really hoping I will have a ride when I get to Nashville. But I learned alot abouut this new job, and I am totally stoked! For those of you who don't know, I recently got a job for a non-profit exchange student agency called the Center for Cultural Interchange. The agency has been in the business of helping exchange students find host families both here and abroad since 1985, and has slowly grown to be on of the largest, and most certainly the best, exchange student agency since then. I learned a ton, and am ready to help people open their hearts, families, and lives to an exchange student, and really, a whole new culture! Doesn't that sound fun?

Learn more at CCI's website: http://www.cci-exchange.com/, or email me at daydreamartist76@yahoo.com


02 April 2008

New Jewelry

Have you checked out my jewelry yet? I have many super summery bracelets that liven things up! MMMM...I'm thinking warm, sunshiney thoughts already, hoping these 30 degree nights we've had are about to end, and I can start enjoying beautiful Kentucky summers on the beach again. Even Cosmo named the jetty here in our little town between the lakes one of the most romantic places! Can you feel the love?