06 April 2008

Host an exchange student!!

I am exhausted. I spent all weekend in Chicago for a training/ meeting for my new job, and now I am on standby at O'Hare, really hoping I will have a ride when I get to Nashville. But I learned alot abouut this new job, and I am totally stoked! For those of you who don't know, I recently got a job for a non-profit exchange student agency called the Center for Cultural Interchange. The agency has been in the business of helping exchange students find host families both here and abroad since 1985, and has slowly grown to be on of the largest, and most certainly the best, exchange student agency since then. I learned a ton, and am ready to help people open their hearts, families, and lives to an exchange student, and really, a whole new culture! Doesn't that sound fun?

Learn more at CCI's website: http://www.cci-exchange.com/, or email me at daydreamartist76@yahoo.com


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