09 April 2008

Fires and Shout Outs

My week started a little rough but things are looking up! You may or may not know that while I enjoy my life of leisure and creativity in the off season, when the tourists are here in our beautiful town cruising the lakes , I work as a bartender. It's an incredibly fun job that I look forward to getting back to all winter. I love the fast paced social-ness of it, the art of mixology, the pride in knowing I make the best martini and manhattan this side of the Mississippi, the different people I meet and the stories they tell. The place I work at, The Cumberland House, was slated to open back up soon, and after meeting with the owners last Thursday, I was going to start my cleanup this Tuesday (yesterday). I had just gotten to my hotel in Chicago when I got the call my bar was on fire. For hours. I spent all weekend worrying after finding out the owner was airlifted to Evansville, and my job didn't seem so important anymore. Dan and Deloris, the couple that own the place, are the nicest people, and thank God, Dan is ok. It was iffy for a day or so, but he is out of the Trauma unit and has only minor burns. He is already talking about reopening, although it may be awhile before I am back to work. Good thing I am creative!! More time to work on my art!

Speaking of my art, I got a shout out today from one of my online blogging friends on her blog! Go check it out, and her beautiful jewelry:

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