13 April 2008

The diorama queen does it again!

We are studying Rainforests in this unit for History/ Geography in Sierra's homeschooling, and she had so much fun making the first diorama she HAD to make another one! So, one can of play-doh, one box of air dry clay, and a bunch of paper and paint later, her masterpiece was revealed:
If we weren't already running out of boxes as it is, I would make one myself. I am actually pretty jealous I couldn't! My favorite thing is hard to see here, but she has a cool little lake full of fish surrounded by real rocks! You can see the line of rocks that makes up the front of the lake. Nothing went unnoticed, and there is a ton of detail up close. The research for this went way beyond Rainforest Cafe, thank you very much. Hey, in this house, learning is fun!

I have had such a good time teaching Sierra lately, that I went ahead and added on to my long list of services: art classes!! For the less than the price of your typical park district art class, I now teach privately in my studio!! How can you beat that?

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