19 June 2009

I'm not missing, I'm right here!

After a long online hiatus, especially from this here blog, I am back! It's been a busy summer so far, moving to Chicago, looking for jobs, catching up with friends both old and new (it's good to be back), having my brother visit from Seattle with his new wife and baby (and dogs!), and having Sierra's eleventh birthday party. Whew!

So there it is. The short version. Stay tuned to future posts for adventures of a girl looking for a job in a city full of competition in a bad economy, where the shotgun approach keeps it interesting. That's right, I actually apply to EVERY job I find I qualify for, even a little bit. In one day, I applied for a Miller Girl, administrative assistant, bartender, server, window washer, personal assistant, and child care provider. On one hand, I stay busy and get plenty of interviews. I even land some of the jobs, albeit part time and often not starting immediately, leading my friends to admonish me with a Jamaican accent, "your brudder has fo-ty seven jobs, quit being lazy and git to work!". Another friend asked me why I needed three jobs, "wouldn't it be easier to just find one really good job?" Geez, why didn't I think of that?

Anyway, some highlights of the month:
Sierra turned 11
We all met Plato, my brother's baby, for the first time.