18 April 2008

Pollen, tattoos, earthquakes, and contests

What a week! My head has felt like a balloon all week, thanks to this beautiful spring weather and all that blooms. I have never in my life seen pollen actually cover the earth like it does here in Kentucky. Everything actually turns yellow from the layer of pollen that falls from I assume, some devil tree. Its so bad, I don't even have a runny nose. Oh, no, my snot clings for dear life as high up as it can. I can actually hear it screaming, "nooooooooo," as it grabs on and won't let go. So I have been trying to stay motivated this week even though I am dizzy, and have eyes that look like this:

Good thing Zak wanted me to draw me to draw him another tattoo. A real good thing he wanted a bugged-out eyeball. Cause that's exactly how I feel. Arggg...

On the good side, though, I have finally started selling stuff online, thanks to you! :) Two friends called me this week I haven't heard from in a few months called to catch up. There was an earthquake this morning, and despite all the buzz about it, nothing was damaged or even moved. My dog learned, "that's my seat," and moves out of my way. Everything I had to go to court for is over for good, thanks to hard work, patience, and prayer. I made a friend that also homeschools her daughter online and met her and her daughter IRL at Chuck-E-Cheese's, so the girls could play together. Best of all, despite the nasty pollen cloud that seems out to get me, I opened my windows, because it is finally warm out!!

Sierra also entered a drawing/ painting contest for kids from our mortgage company. They were supposed to draw our house. I'm really proud, she worked really hard, and it looks great! See:

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