15 April 2008

Artist of the Week

My artist of the week is Redd Hynes. She originally stood out with this little contribution to The Grid:

Killing time, I went to read her blog and I have to tell you, this chick cracks me up. Her very funny blog, A Little Piece of the Madness, is a hilarious rambling barage of shout outs to other artists, updates on her son, new jewelry she makes and random thoughts that will keep you laughing and very, very entertained. She claims a phD in "kicking your ass," as her education. What does that tell you? Her website is definately as fun and quirky as the 25 year old self proclaimed "dame" is herself. See?

Her jewelry shop on etsy is chock full of fun stuff at a huge deal. I think she must steal, because everything is crazy cheap for what it is. Seriously, if you see a young chick named Redd running around Canada holding up craft shops, offer to take her out for coffee. You'd have fun, I'm sure. I am digging this squirrel ring in her shop:

Check her out! And while you're on Etsy, wasting time, wander on over to my new Etsy shop there, and tell me what you think! For a limited time, get a free gift with any purchase!

1 comment:

Redd said...

Hey there!
I just found this today and holy crap, thank you!
Have a fantabulous day! (fantabulous is totally a word, my spell check didn't even bat an eye at it)