23 April 2008

ArtistS of the Week!

I discovered this group of wild, wacky, fun loving, super creative moms this week, and decided to join the ranks! Who are they? Why, the Fabulous Artistic Moms of Etsy, of course! A talented bunch of moms with Etsy stores of their handmade with love goodies. This fantastic group joined together as a street team to help each other out and form friendships based on their common love of art and crafting. All of these ladies have something unique and new to offer the world, so be sure to visit the website, and browse their stores. Mother's Day is just around the corner, so why not give her a one of a kind, handmade with love, for mom by mom kind of gift? Visit www.etsyfame.com to learn more.


Annie Howes said...

nice post about our team! Yay FAM! :o)


New England Quilter said...

Glad that you found us!