27 June 2008

Happy Accidents and Cupcake Thieves

It was about midnight when I went sleepily to the medicine cabinet to take a couple Benadryl before turning in for the night. Drowsily, I looked down at the counter where the cupcakes for a Hannah Montana cupcake guitar I was doing sat. "Funny," I thought, "it looked like more before." I counted them-21. I needed 24. I baked 24. I was tired, but sure I made 24. I counted the tins to make sure. Yep, two pans of twelve means 24 cupcakes. I counted the cupcakes again. Somehow three had gone missing, and I needed these frosted and ready to pick up first thing in the morning. Never mind that Lady was looking at me like this the whole time I baked them:

She couldn't have eaten them. Not my puppy! Besides, there was not one shred of evidence, no wrapper, or even so much as a stray crumb around.

I woke up Josh. Why would he eat them? How could he do this to me? Its midnight, I'm out of eggs, and I need three cupcakes.

Me: "Did you eat any cupcakes?"
Josh (still asleep): "Cupcakes? Who has cupcakes? What's a cupcake?"

Me: "They're gone! Vanished! What am I supposed to do now?"
Josh (waking up, sighs heavily): "C'mon, let's go to Paducah"
Because the nearest place to buy eggs in the middle of the night is apparently half an hour away, and I have the husband of the year, who is actually willing to make that drive.
Well, as it turned out, Josh didn't eat my cupcakes. I should've known that- he hates cake. What can I say? I was half asleep and not thinking straight either. I also wouldn't hear of driving a hour round trip for eggs, so I improvised. Serendipity stepped in, and my solution was good ol' fashioned Rice Crispy Treats. Here's what I ended up with, a half Rice Crispy Treat and half cupcake Hannah Montana guitar:

I was never so glad to see an order leave my house.

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