16 June 2008

Restoring My Faith In Humanity

I woke up last Wednesday to a phone call from Switzerland. One of my online friends and former featured artist on this blog, Novita of Pyong Bricole boutique bags and purses, was calling me to get my address to mail a purse she made for Sierra for her birthday. She insisted it was a gift from her, and wouldn't even hear of me paying for even the shipping. I spent the rest of the day marveling at the niceness of this act, and telling everyone that would listen the whole story. The purse arrived today in the mail, and is absolutely stunning! Extremely well made, perfect down to every detail, I am still reeling from the unselfish niceness of this gift. Here is Sierra sportin' her new purse:

Then Friday came, and off we wet on the half hour drive in the pouring down rain to Paducah to gather supplies for Sierra's birthday party the next day. At a stop light, I watched a guy get out of his apparently broken down car in the rain and attempt to push it off the road by himself, and before I could get, "we should help him," out of my mouth, a stranger in another car hopped out and helped him. An hour later, after running to get the truck in the still torrential rain, Josh dropped his wallet in the parking lot of the restaurant, but didn't realize it till much later. We jumped into action, canceling all the credit cards and planning for replacing all th contents, when the phone rang. A man had found the wallet, taken everything out to dry, including the cash we had kissed good bye, and called us to tell us we could pick it up the next day. When the reward of the cash still in the wallet was offered, it was turned down with a "pay it forward, just do the same sometime," kind of response.

My faith in humanity is restored.

Thanks to everyone who has done something nice for someone they have never met this week.

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