12 February 2009

The Ice Storm of 2009- day one

Day One, morning:
Everything is covered in ice. Its actually really pretty especially since we never get ice or even really snow down here. I have these berries on my tree; to be honest I have never even noticed them before, but how pretty are they? There are a few branches down and the power is out, but it isn't so bad besides that.
Day One, evening:
Its been doing this freezing rain thing/ snow all day off and on. Its pretty but cold without power. At least we have some firewood to burn from this summer's bonfires and wood left from Ike knocking down trees, and a fireplace/ wood stove to burn it in. Plus two laptops=two movies, one tonight and one tomorrow assuming the power is still out, which I am guessing it will be.
Stay tuned for my day to day replay of my mental and photo journal of our lovely ice storm that knocked out the power for two weeks. I'm sooooo glad to have my power and internet back!

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