19 February 2009

Day Four and Five of the ice storm

Day Four and Five:
Ice, snow, and cold. Still no power, and still don't know when there will be any either. Cell phones haven't worked in days, so most of the communication we have gotten has been whatever neighbors that have been able to get out and hear have come over and told us. Its like living in the old days, at least as near as I can figure it is. Days are spent with neighbors outside, cutting our way out of the driveway and borrowing/ lending whatever we have to share. At least everyone has been in pretty good spirits still, and we have great neighbors. Our wood burning stove insert in the fireplace has been our only source of heat, but frozen, green wood doesn't burn easily. Our neighbor across the street lent us an ax and splitters, so there's been a lot of wood chopping going on. Everything is a lot of work, but at least the days go fast. The nights are slower. Reading by candlelight and playing board games that you can actually see in semi-dark are more challenging than one might think. We played Uno last night cause that seemed simple in the dark, but blue and green cards look surprisingly alike. Connect Four is easy in the dark, but I must be tired cause the kid beat me over half the time! If there's no power this weekend, we've decided to go to Illinois for some power and warm showers. Of course that, too, involves planning, since the gas stations that are actually open are about 30 minutes away in the opposite direction, but I want a shower so bad...

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Jenn said...

The pictures are gorgeous but that's no fun about the ice storm. Hopefully things will warm up soon.