26 February 2009

Dear Corinne,

Dear Corinne,
Lately I have felt very neglected by you. I see that you are off doing things, busy and happy, and wonder why you just don't seem to notice me anymore. Am I not good enough anymore? Is it because I'm getting old? I know I'm not the young, quick thing I was when we first met, but we have had some good times, haven't we? I just don't understand. Ever since the power went out, its like you don't notice me as much anymore. Did you decide you don't need me as much? I'm very confused and hurt. Sure, you still play with me a little everyday, but not with the same zest and passion as before. Its like you're just going through the motions. You just turn me on long enough to check your email and maybe your MySpace, and bam! You're off to other things!

Well, thats fine. Did you ever think maybe I've had enough of you too? Well, I have. Oh, you want to use iTunes all of the sudden? You think the time you spend on me for that, using me when it suits me is supposed to be good enough? Thats fine. Try it, babe. Haha! It isn't working is it?? Cooincidence? I can play games with you too, toots. You better get your act together, because I'm not taking you using me anymore. You better show me some love soon, cause I've had enough. Or you can forget about burning your 100's of cds to that iPod.

your computer


Auroras_Garden said...

That was hilarious! You know computers DO have their own attitude so you may want to watch it! LOL

WhimsybyMari said...

Corrine, I find this so funny! I also am having a difficult time getting back into the Internet age. It seems like I slipped into an old routine of reading and I kinda enjoy it.

Annette Piper said...

We HAVE missed you!! To encourage you to post again I've pinged you with a meme - see my blogpost at http://annettepiperjewellery.blogspot.com/2009/03/2009-autumn-fall-colours.html

Take care - and don't forget to come and join us on Creative Bloggers when you get back in the blogosphere regularly!