31 October 2008

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Today Sierra and I will trick or treat after she puts on her "bloody" costume. She has decided to make the most of her cast and her not quite healed face by being a bloody patient, so $2 of fake blood and some old pajamas later, (and the cast that probably cost much much more- the bill hasn't come for that one yet, LOL!) we have the world's easiest costume ever! Luckily she likes to be scary things for Halloween!

After trick or treating, have some friends over for some spooky Halloween witches brew! A little dry ice will not only scare up some attention, but keep your punch cold as well! You can buy dry ice at any ice cream shop, just ask.

Witches Brew

In a punch bowl, combine:

2- 2 Liters of Mountain Dew, Sundrop, or similar soda
1 tub lime sherbet
1/2 fifth of clear rum- my favorite cheap rum that is super yum is Heaven Hill, but use any!
dry ice

Now the only problem will be making sure the kids don't see this punch and want some! You can make them some of their own with 2 cups pineapple juice instead of the rum, and Lime Kool-Aid or Sprite instead of the Mountain Dew if you don't want them up all night-but don't confuse them!

Have a safe, spooky, and happy Halloween!

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