29 October 2008


My online friend Michelle asked recently on her blog, Michabella Creations, what people's unfulfilled dreams are. Dreams are a funny thing, since really, they are only dreams while they are unfulfilled. But if they all came true, it takes the fun out of DREAMING for something. If I had nothing left to hope for, no matter how great life was, I would get bored and feel unfulfilled. Ah, what a vicious cycle! Anyway, its a lovely sentiment, wanting to hear other's dreams, so I'll continue it. Tell us all some of your dreams. Some of mine:

1. I want my daughter to grow up to be happy and thankful for the childhood she had, hardships and all. I dream of her becoming the vet she wants to be, or anything else she decides that will complete her.

2. I have this ongoing dream of finally remodeling the outbuilding/ detached garage/ whatever you call it into an art studio I can have classes for children and affordable workshops for grown ups in, not to mention space to actually be able to work and organize my art supplies. It would be so much easier than teaching out of my home like I do now, and so many more could enjoy it.

3. I used to dream of moving the NYC in some artsy loft apartment where my yard would be my lone potted flower on the windowsill and I would be surrounded by the art world everywhere I went. Now, as an adult, I know how crazy expensive New York is, and after having slum lords in much smaller cities, I have NO desire to find out how that would work out for me there! Oh, and I like my neighbors actually knowing my name, even if small town life means they know all my business too.

4. I also used to dream of being a ballerina and model, for most of my childhood in fact. Until I learned food is my friend. Especially cheese and ice cream.

5. I dream of never hearing another bigotted or racially slanderous word again, where ignorant, prejudiced people see the error of their ways and how silly they have been, and stops using words that make me cringe. I tell everyone I hear saying anything rascist how I feel and that it is not ok to act and talk like that, and I honestly believe if everyone did this, the world would be a better place.

These are just my dreams off the top of my head. What are yours?

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Michelle said...

I love that you blogged about my dreams post! Thanks for sharing yours and I like the new look of your blog:)