23 October 2008

The Best and Worst of Strangers

Yesterday was a crazy day that showed me the absolute best and worst out of strangers. I recieved in the mail by surprise a package from my dear online friend, Libby, (ok, not exactly a stranger, but I have never met her in real life, so it counts). Anyway, after seeing my blog about Sierra and the pictures of her poor little face, she sent me this feel better package complete with unrefined shea butter that is supposed to work miracles on scars and heal sores quicker than neosporin, some 100% pure vegan all natural lavender soap that is super gentle on wounds and smells so good even a ten year old can appreciate it, a hot and cold pack with chamomile and rice inside that is so soothing right out of the microwave, and a nifty wrist cuff just because it is pretty. Sierra is always so excited just to get something in the mail, but this was especially cool. The wrist cuff wouldn't fit over her cast, much to her dismay, so she has been wearing it above it. She has quite the decorated arm now, even the cat and dog "signed" it:

Sierra looks a lot better now, and is happy about all the kindness that has been shown to her from "strangers" I have made friends with here.

Later, though, I got to see, once again, the terrible things strangers can do to each other. For the second time in 6 months, my husbands debit card number was stolen. The first time, it was used online, on our wedding anniversary mind you, to join four different dating websites. We only got some of that money back, because when someone steals your credit card number, they don't care if it is a credit or debit card. When its a debit card, not only do they take the money right from your bank account, they can withdraw your account and leave you with hundreds of dollars in overdraft fees before you even know what has happened. Which is what happened this time when someone was able to use the new debit card number to charge hundreds of dollars in gas stations in Florida, mind you while I am here in Kentucky tending to my injured child, overdrawing our account and stealing all the money we had. Money for medical and dental bills for my daughter. Money for the mortgage payment and for Christmas presents. Money for my husband's birthday, which by the way was the day half the charges were made. I actually had to cancel his gift because of this. I felt so bad.

So, to anyone that thinks stealing credit card numbers (on the internet or however you do it) is a victimless crime, let me tell you- it isn't. I'm guessing so many of these numbers are actually debit cards, not credit, which means you are stealing money right out of people's accounts. Money from hardworking people that are trying hard to make ends meet, especially in this economy. If you have rationalized that it gets paid for by some bank or the place you steal from, let me tell you, it isn't. We have to fight, hard, to even see any of that money again. So shame on you! Didn't your mother ever tell you not to steal?

And to the perfect strangers that give and give out of the kindness of their hearts, expecting nothing in return except a new friend, your kindness goes a long way on a day when it would be easy to lose faith in humanity. Thank you, Libby, for letting me see not all people are bad, there are just some that do bad things. I can see from new friends like you that people are kind and want to make the world a gentler place.

Please visit Libby's shop on Etsy and show her the kindness she has shown me. She makes amazing super lathery vegan soaps: www.mayleesgarden.com


Crochet by Momma J said...

I am so sorry about the stolen card. Things like that get my blood boiling - we work so hard for what we have and it's just not fair when someone takes it away like that. But, I am so happy about the care package - what an awesome thing to do!


KimberlyRies said...

Sorry to hear about your bad day and the debit card fiasco Corinne. On a happier note, that was sweet of Libby to send the care package to Sierra. Hope she is feeling better.


Auroras_Garden said...

Man, some people have their nerve! Stealing your debit card number! I cannot fathom how people can be so cruel to each other. I just dont understand it. We are all part of the human family and I feel it is our duty to show love to each other, and take care of each other as much as we can. It is such a sin in my opinion to do such a cruel heartless thing to someone, especially someone you dont even know. You guys could have been totally destitute and the little money you had in the bank was all you had to feed your kids for a few weeks...you could have been anyone in any situation but the thief didnt care...what a selfish person!

I am glad I could restore your faith in humanity a little bit. There are more good people out there doing good things for people all the time. I would like to think we are increasing in number every day as more people come to realize we need more love on this planet.

So glad Sierra is so happy with her stuff. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, and I am glad the cuff fits above her cast anyways. Hopefully the cast wont be on there too long. i am positive she will heal up good as new. I keep praying for NO SCARS! I want that beautiful little girl to still be beautiful and perfect when she is a woman.

Kyfarmlife said...

When it rains it pours doesnt it? So sorry about your problems with your debit cards getting stolen, especially during a time that you dont need any extra worry! The world is a cruel place, but like you said there ARE a lot of good people in it as well! Yea for Sierra feeling better!