25 November 2008

I'm thankful for...

family, and that I am getting to go see my dad this Thanksgiving for the whole weekend. I'm also thankful and excited that my little brother is having a baby (well, his wife is) in March!! But most of all, I'm thankful I finally mastered my techno-stupidity this year, proved not by the fact that I have set up a website and Etsy shop, MySpace page or Flickr account, or even by the fact that I have fixed my computer (ok, I called tech support a few times, I confess) not once but three times from major farts. No, my triumph in the battle of Corinne vs. her gadgets is proven in finally getting her pics off her cell phone and onto the computer. Even though they're both Bluetooth and are supposed to just magically go back and forth-somehow-that never worked. I did finally realize, though, that I could send all my pics to HP's Snapfish, which I never normally use, but is the photo to computer for dummies, if you are ever wondering. Laugh all you want, I know I'm not the only web-tarded one out there.

At least I can finally show off great pictures formerly trapped on my phone like these:

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

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