18 November 2008

More Snow...

flakes, that is! Every day this week I'm going to show off a different handmade ornament using my snowflake drawings I showed you before. It's finally been sunny enough (even though its very chilly! Brrr!) to finally photograph all my glittery delights. I completely glittered the house putting glitter on the inside and outside, and then added even more sparkle and bling with genuine Swarovski crystals! The snowflake design floats on the inside and is transparent, and then has a matching transluscent snowflake charm on the outside. Pretty, right? I love how they turned out, but then I am sort of hypnotized by shiny objects.
All are available at the Holiday Cheer Bazaar at Community Christian Academy in Paducah, KY this Saturday from 9 am to 3 pm, or in my online shop.

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