06 November 2008

A short story by Sierra

We have been very blessed with gorgeous weather, high 70's and a light breeze, the kind that gently blows the faint smell of burning leaves in the windows and makes even the cat and dog happy. The leaves have all started to change colors and fall this week and it is too pretty too rake. It has just been postitively inspirational.
While I have been busy painting and finishing up some custom orders before I start cranking out ornaments next week for holiday craft shows, Sierra has been hard at work with some creative writing in homeschool. I liked her newest story so much I wanted to share it with you all! The assignment was to write about a day as a frog.

I was running throught the forest from the evil witch. I didn't realize that she had stolen a fairy's wand, and that I should be hiding, not running. Suddenly I felt a blast of energy all through my body. After that, everything went black. When I woke up, I realized that I was back at the witch's cabin. I saw that I was tied up on the floor of a hamster cage. I suddenly saw the witch step in the door, with a small pet carrier. In the pet carrier there were two fairies, five rats, and three squirrels. The witch walked up to the cage I was in and dumped them all into the cage. Then the witch left taking the pet carrier with her. The fairies quickly became friends with me, and they untied me. They told me that if I could use my long frog tongue to get their wands, that they could get me and everyone else out before sunset. After hearing that, I happily hopped to the side of the cage. While I was there I saw many more cages. Many with creatures I've always thought weren't real. When I got the wands I felt myself beginning to change. By the time I got back to the fairies I was a small person. I saw through a window that it was sunset. In no time at all I was back in my home, as a person- not a frog.

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kittyanydots said...

that's a cute story!