24 November 2008

Crazy Crafty Madness

Apparently craftiness is contagious around here! Josh and Sierra spent all day Sunday last week making a cat house for Tramp. Since he can't be an inside kitty, but we still love him, we all decided he needed a warm place out of the winter rain and wind to rest his head. He seemed to know right away it was for him, too, because he jumped in as soon as it was put on the porch, and has loved it ever since:

Sure, he is dirty (I don't want to give him a bath and put him out in the cold), but he's certainly warmer than before! Now its my turn to paint and decorate the house. Thank goodness I have a stockpile of leftover paint from painting the house. I can't wait to pretty it up!

The next day Sierra finally got her cast off. Can you tell how happy she is about it?

Her scars are fading fast, thanks to the unrefined shea butter that Libby from Maylee's Garden sent us! Thanks again, Libby! There's a chick that knows her stuff, and anyone who knows me knows I love my natural cures, which she is also all about.

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Michelle said...

He's so cute! I bet he's so happy to have a place to stay warm and dry:)