13 February 2008

My website is at the mercy of the technophile gods at Microsoft right now, so I can't edit it! Tragedy for a compulsive updater like myself! (Never fear though, you can still look at it!)

So alas, welcome to my blog...

I appreciate all the constructive criticism and feedback I can get, and use it to learn and improve. Please, join, comment often and let me know what you think. Friends who do this often will be rewarded~you may already know how I love to make stuff and give it away.

But I am trying to make a living toom so pass the word on! I will post pictures of my work here as soon as I make it. Check often!!

Look at the links below for other sites with my work~if you already have, look again! I may have added stuff since last time! I do that!

I am also always looking for ideas on what to paint, and all sorts of inspiration. Feel free to throw 'em out there! You never know what you might get for it! I always do practice sketches and drawings before a painting, and sometimes if I am REALLY unsure how I want to approach an idea in my head, I will do a whole practice painting. If you give me an idea I LOVE, my practice work is ALL YOURS totally free~and if you love the finished product, you will have first dibs and the "friend price".

xoxo, Corinne

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Andrew said...

Hi!! You picked a good site for a blog. I'm sure you will find it more reliable than M$.