25 February 2008

FOUND!! Free Art/ Photo Program!

After my last plea for a free, but good, art program, I was directed in the way of this site. Whether you have a mac or pc, if you want the capabilities of Photoshop without the high-falootin' price tag, check out Gimp. Not to be confused with its, uh, differently-abled namesake, this program can do anything! One of the features that I personally find the most helpful for artists, aside from general photo manipulation, is the ability to correct lens tilt. In other words, when you take a picture of your painting and it looks crooked, and you were sure you took it straight on, well, this nifty program can fix that without cropping out half your picture. Any artist who has tried to photgraph their own art can tell you how irritating it is to try to photograph a perfectly straight square shape.

But this sweet tool makes it simple to change it! See?
So download it free, and enjoy!! I know I will! I am going to play right now-yay!!!!

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