26 February 2008

Colored pencil drawing

Colored pencils are sooo underrated. I love working with them, playing with the values, shading and layering. If you have dismissed colored pencils as something you use in grade school projects, look again. Colored pencils come in wide varieties and vary greatly in quality. There are the regular, hard school ones everyone has used. There are softer, higher quality ones that draw on smooth, and are a delight to work with. My favorite are Prismacolor.

I just finished a drawing for a commissioned work. I was asked to make a painting with lilies and butterflies, using blue, green, and purple. This is my sketch for the painting:
I know I went overboard for a sketch. Proof that colored pencils are fun! This picture has all my favorite things-butterflies and flowers, paisley, filigree, and Art Nouveau. What do you think?

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