15 February 2008

drawings gone digital!!!

STEALIE w/ round border (simple)
STEALIE embossed w/ border
STEALIE w/ deadhead hippie border
TROPIC BUBBLES w/ mod circle border

I am still having trouble photographing my art. I need a new camera in a bad way~the white balance is off, there are never enough pixels, and I would love to have a DSLR with a few lenses...OMG, now I am really dreaming! My best bet would be for the heaven and earth to collide and somehow drop a photographer in my lap who works for free! I went all over the house today with my 5 megapixel Nikon Coolpix and an unfortunately noticeable wide angle lens taking pics of my art and my house for out of town friends and family (look on myspace). Finally, I decided to settle for what I had (it is AMAZING how much dirt you find when you photograph your house!), and do the best I could. Which was crooked pictures and pinkish whites. Thank god I like to play with my new photo editing program. So here are few of the edited versions...what do you think? I added the borders more as a necessity than anything else, so I tried to work with them instead of fighting them. Did I waste my time and make them worse? Are you wondering "who does she think she is...she's not fooling anyone?!" Did I make them cooler, or at least a little interesting? Comment, please!

On a side note, I really am aware how lucky I am and there are much bigger problems in the world than not having enough, or good enough stuff. Hey, I'm human.

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