27 February 2008

Legal Mumbo Jumbo

Today is a day of legalities and other such nonsense that artist hate. Alas, sometimes, it must be done....arggggh! So I spent all day typing up contracts for all my art-related business, and took a break to check my email, which is usually ten to fifteen messages of brainless nonsense like, "forward this to all the moms you know," or 20 pictures of something crazy.
Going off topic- if you really want to see something crazy, check this guy out on youtube. It is a friend of mine from high school's little brother, who has apparently achieved youtube notoriety.
Back on topic- even though my email is usually a break from thinking, today I recieved an email relevant and important, a tax law that affects all artists.
This organization needs our help! Apparently, when an artist donates a work of art to an organization for whatever reason, he or she can only deduct the cost of the materials used to produce the artwork of his or her taxes. Meanwhile, a collector that donates the same artwork can deduct the fair market value. Most artists at one time or another donate art to boost their career, help out their favorite charity, or both. Is it fair that artists not get the same tax deductions? ABSOLUTELY NOT! So take two minutes to submit this simple form to Congress. Thanks!!

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