14 February 2008

bad kitty! special

SPECIAL!! If you buy ANYTHING from this collection, I will bling it out for free!!

I now own a much coveted bedazzler that I got from my mom, the craft supply collector extraordinare. I will use this wonderful invention to bling out anything you get, and if you ask REAL nice ;) I will even bling other stuff you own too! Why, you ask? Just call it a love of everything glittery!!

As a side note, I priced everything lower, pretty much as low as I possibly could. I just want to get my designs out there! Please help me make this worthwhile by sending this page to anyone you think might be at all interested.

It is probably too late for Valentine's Day gifts, unless you procrastinate as bad as I do. But don't you think you deserve a cute little somethin'-somethin'? I think so! Who doesn't want to see a little kitty thong on their girlfriend?!

As always, let me know what you think! Click on the title above to go straight to the store, and remember~

"Any piece of clothing can be sexy with a quietly passionate woman inside it." ~anonymous

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