26 March 2009

Welcome to the world, Plato!

My only sibling, Andy, and his wife Erica had their first baby last night!! I am sooo excited to be an aunt! Plato Robert Charneski was welcomed into the world around 10:15 pm Mountain/ Pacific time after 39 (yes, 39!!) hours of drug free labor! Whew! Way to go Erica...and to boot, baby was a whopping 9 pounds, 1 oz and 21 inches! Now, my brother is not always the quickest to call or email, and I know he probably doesn't read my blog, so we're gonna test this out. See, I was promised pictures today, and while I am sure the proud parents are totally exhausted, I am equally impatient. So until I get a picture of the baby, I am gonna have to post another picture here.
Like Plato, his namesake. Andy, if you read this, send me baby pictures! So much cuter than the philosopher!! And by the way, love the name! Very cool for what's gonna be one cool kid!

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