28 March 2009

Buy handmade!

Lately I have been feeling really guilty for not doing anything new in my art, and not adding to my shop or posting anything artistic. Worst...artist...ever...I know! Truth be told, I have been to the doctor several times for my shoulder, which has hurt excrutiatingly bad since last fall and has prevented me from doing much, and finally got a diagnosis. Turns out I have bursitis and rheumatoid arthritis, which sounds terrible, but can at least be controlled. Now that I finally know what is wrong, I can finally begin to heal and treat it, which is a good thing. The meds I am on now are amazing wonder drugs, and I am feeling better than I have in months! I also recieved so many well wishes and prayers, which I thank you all for, because it truly puts everything in perspective. One was even from an reader of this blog that was praying for my pain, while she is fighting cancer. Talk about perspective.

Despite the fact I have been absolutely terrible about posting new goodies to my shop and creating new things, I still buy handmade whenever possible, and even managed to cross off everyone in my Christmas list last year with handmade. I was very proud of that. Not only is your money going to someone who has personally put their heart and soul into it (and appreciates your business, no matter how small), but you are also getting something truly unique and top quality. My friend Libby put it in a funny, but true, way on her blog:

"I hate buying crap from China, so that's one main reason I buy handmade and why I encourage you all to buy handmade. When you buy from China you support communism...and a little puppy dies each time you walk in wal-mart....and baby birds fall out of their nest each time you THINK about going to wal mart...and volcanoes erupt and take out whole cities and towns when you BUY something from wal-mart....you get the picture. Its just bad. BUY HANDMADE!!!"

Libby makes incredibly soft, natural, and soothing soaps and sweet hippie clothes, which I am the biggest fan of. She also sent me out of the kindness of her heart, all kinds of feel better stuff for Sierra when she got in her bike accident last fall. The best thing was unrefined shea butter, which did amazing things for fading Sierra's scars and speeding healing, which I never would have even known about if it wasn't for her. Another good reason to buy handmade- where else do you get that personal of a touch?

I promise, dear readers, I am on the path to healing and will have new work to post soon. Keep your eye out, cause once I start, it's hard to stop me! First on the list is a commissioned painting of a Tuscan street scene, which I am pretty excited about. I plan on working all week on that this coming week, along with starting my Tai Chi classes and visiting the spa for a massage! Ah, life is good...

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Annette Piper said...

Hey Corinne! Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling up to making much - but it will come out when its good and ready and you won't be able to stop it then!

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