11 March 2009


So my blogger friends have missed me! Good to know, cause here I put all my thoughts out there on the web for all to read, and if noone is there, well, that just makes me the crazy person walking around talking to themselves. You know, like those homeless people we all try not to stare at while we clutch our purse a little tighter to our chest.

In an effort to bring me back to the world of blogging (that people do read- all together now, in the style of Sally Fields, "They like me, they really like me!"), my friend from down under, Annette, has tagged me. Its a 6x6 tag, which means I'm supposed to show you the sixth picture in my sixth folder, which just happens to be titled "Lady and Tramp," after my dog and cat. Here is Lady, when she was just a wee pup:

Cute, right? I love my dog.

So now I have to tag six others, so I'm going to tag those bloggers I follow and see if they read me too!

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3 Magpies

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Aunt Deane's Place

Bad Kitty! Art Studio


MiyaSohoza said...

ok. I might just be an idiot, but I was confused about this one... 6th folder? hu??

Corinne Sullivan said...

haha, go into your pictures, go to the sixth folder you have, and posst the sixth picture in it. Does that make sense? At least I hope thats the rules, cause that's what I did, LOL!

Anonymous said...

I read ya! and I love the picture of Lady.

MiyaSohoza said...

Is that a PC thing? I use iphoto! =) I think I've got it! hehehe.

And while I'm at it, I wanted to pass along a little swap I am thinking about doing - let me know if you are interested, am a swap junky these days!