20 March 2009

Dressing for Parties at CYC

So for those who don't know, I work as a bartender for the Commonwealth Yacht Club, here in Grand Rivers. Not only is it a beautiful place to work and has the greatest employees ever *wink*, but it also is a super fun place to work where I actually, honestly, like my job. Of course, one of the reasons is because the members are all really cool people, but the shopaholic in me REALLY loves the fact that I get to dress up for all the parties we have. Usually, all the events I have worked have been easy to dress for, because of the theme or color involved made it a no brainer. St. Patty's Day? Wear the green shirt. Derby Day? Glue stuff to hat, find shirt that matches junk glued to hat. However, in trying to pick out a dress to wear to work the Commodore's Ball coming up on March 28th, I struggled to find something just right. This is the first Commordore's Ball I have worked, so I wasn't sure what to wear that fit the occasion, is dressy, and still practical to work in. Especially since when I asked if I could wear a dress instead of a tuxedo shirt, my manager hesitated, and seemed to say with her face, "well, as long as it isn't all sexy Corinne..." So after much deliberation, and by deliberation I mean 2 hours of online shopping, I just bought this little number:
Here are some of my ensembles from past parties, although all slighty less formal events:
Derby Day 2007

Fashion Show 2007

I can't wait till March 28th now! Thank you CYC, for always giving me an excuse to shop!


Auroras_Garden said...

What can be better? a fun job that gives you an excuse to shop! Your such a pretty lady Corinne, you look fabulous at all your big events! I love the dress you picked out, and your gonna be lovely in it I am positive!

Kim KY said...

I'm still dressing like a pumpkin.:)

Organic Meatbag said...

I would like to show up to one of these parties dressed as Mr. Peanut!