29 March 2009

New Work! Hardhat stickers that rock!

Even though I have spent more time at my computer than my easel lately, I have managed to make the best of it and spit out some new work that can be done right here. The latest project, a hardhat sticker for Technical Welding Inspection in Kuttawa, KY. Apparently these stickers that promote all these companies are hot commodities for the hardhat-wearing set, and the coolest guys have the most stickers. Also, the cooler stickers you have to trade, the better (or more maybe?) you get. Honestly, I don't know how that all works, but I do know what the stickers look like (since I did them):

1 comment:

Auroras_Garden said...

Man thats cool! If I wore a hardhat I would totally want one of those. I remember back in the day it was cool to put as many stickers as possible on your skateboard, and it was fun to barter and trade stickers with your friends so I can understand their fascination. Great work too! Big pat on the back for ya!