24 September 2008

Treasury Madness

It's been Treasury madness lately for the Bluegrass Etsy Street Team! For those who don't know what a treasury is, Etsy buyers and sellers can create a pictorial collection of favorite items sold on Etsy, usually based around a color or theme. Then, anyone on Etsy (joining is free, like eBay, but Etsy is way better and handmade), can view and comment on these treasuries. The more attention a treasury gets, the higher it moves up on the list. The highest on the list every day are put on the front page of Etsy for everyone to see, which is great publicity. Members of the Bluegrass Etsy team have been doing a great job of getting treasuries lately, and I have been lucky enough to be picked for a few of them! This latest one features one of my favorite necklaces, Flutter Into Fall Butterfly Necklace:

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