22 September 2008

A little fun to start your week...

I have been busy posting all sorts of new pendants to my shop this past week, with more additions everyday this week as well! Some of my favorites are the newest in my sillhouette pendants, these rockin' mudflap girls:

Even though they're a little gross on a sweaty trucker's mudflaps, they're a lot sexy on jewelry! I just adore them, but couldn't find much jewelry like this, so I decided to make them. I made both an afro mudflap girl and the traditional girl because I couldn't decide.
I also have lots of other sihouette pendants coming soon, so keep your eye out! Remember, if you are clever, and have a better name for them, be sure to let me know for your chance to win a $20 gift certificate if I use the name you come up with! Just visit my shop, name any sections you want, and send me your suggestions in a convo. If I use any, I will send you a gift certificate fo every name I use. So get naming!

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