19 September 2008

After the storm, a dark and stormy...

It's been a long week of cleanup for many in Kentucky after Ike swept through last Sunday. We have yet to get the top half of our biggest tree the rest of the way down and cut up. I'm still grateful we didn't have it worse. On that note, our drink of the week is the:

Dark and Stormy

2 oz Gosling's Black rum
8 oz
Ginger beer

I already think every drink is better with rum**, but nothing is quite like a strong, super gingery ginger ale and a great, dark rum!

While you're drinking this weekend, and feeling a little creative, be sure to think of some good names for my shop sections, and win at least $20 in gift certificates! See yesterday's post for more details.

Enjoy a (hopefully) wind free weekend! xoxo

**consume responsibly, don't drink and drive, tattoo, hurt yourself or others; five o'clock somewhere does not always apply; yada yada yada...


kim* said...

oh i cant do rum, it hurts my taste buds thinkin about it

New England Quilter said...

I love Dark and Stormies!!