23 September 2008

Cubs Clinch NL Central! So there!

I married into an entire family of devout Cardinals fans. For two years, all I have heard at family get togethers is how much my team sucks. I'm from Chicago, I'm a Cubs fan. I'm pretty sure it's against the law to be a Cardinals fan there. I can't help being a Cubs fan; my earliest memories of baseball are of my best friend and I sitting in our underwear on the shag carpeting (my mom had some sort of aversion to air conditioning, so stripping down was essential), watching Cubs games on the little color tv. I think we originally started watching the games because we didn't have cable yet. My parents certainly weren't baseball fans, or organized sports fans, for that matter. It didn't matter, from that first game, I was hooked. Even as a child, I loved that team, and as an adult, I still do. So, for those that have laughed at me for it:
Two years in a row, baby! Go Cubs!

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WhimsybyMari said...

Corrine I grew up In Chicago land too. I am more of a Bears fan though!! My family is all about the Cubs, Do not call my Mom during a game. The only conversation you fet is "Wait a minute" Where sis you grow up?? Me-born in Oak Park grew up in Downers.