29 September 2008

Family and the Blog of the Week- Who Says 8 is Enough?

I have more to do than I have time most days. This week, my mom has paid us a visit all the way from Chicago, and I am adding host to my roster, which I of course, am happy to to do. My inner Martha loves to have company and play hostess, to entertain and provide. Sierra is upset only because she was hoping to have the week off homeschooling since Grandma is here, only to find that life as usual still goes on. "Stupid fractions" was her exact words, I think. Yes, I am learning fractions all over again, but luckily they are coming back to me easier than they did the first time around. In funnier news, this weekend, on the way to Carbondale to pick up my mom from the train station, Josh insisted we stop at the mall and buy Sierra the Heelys she has been wanting forever. So we stop and buy the ridiculously-overpriced-shoes-that-will-break-my-childs-arms-and-or-legs. Heelys, for non-parents of tweens, are shoes that have wheels in the heels. Shoes that coordinated children even have to learn how to walk in. Shoes that Sierra had to practice all weekend in just to walk across the room without looking like Bambi on ice. I'll be sure to post pictures of her road rash (with me and my told-you-so look on my face just for Josh, lol).

In the spirit of family, this week I found this inspiring blog about a much bigger and more hectic family than mine, written by a mom of 11 children. Heelys are nothing to this unfazed mom. Check out the blog of the week- Who Says 8 is Enough?


Annette Piper said...

qmaLOL on the 'heelys' My son has a pair of wheels that he straps onto the heels of his sneakers - they light up as he rolls along. He has the best time with them. Must be the downunder version ;)

BoufMom9 said...

Thanks so much for choosing my blog :)
I will say, Heely's DO freak me out and I haven't bought them for any of my kids. But, 3 of my kids do skateboard and we have had our more than fair share of injuries. UGH!

PS I only have 9 kids. (although I do have an additional 5 living with us, so i can see where you would get confused. LOL)
Even I lose count sometimes :)