15 September 2008

Bluegrass Etsy Street Team

It's been a windy weekend here in the G.R. and my neighbors are busy picking up huge limbs that have blown down and sawing them up. Everyone seems to have their power back, after a long Sunday without it, and it's back to business as usual just in time for Monday. That includes me, who will be getting to work on a few custom orders and preparing for a busy month.

I was recently asked to be the new team moderator/ leader for the Etsy Street Team for Kentucky, and despite the fact that I probably already spend too much time online as it is, I agreed. So far, I am really loving it! I have been actively recruiting this past week, setting up a networking site for the members on ning, which is an awesome idiot-proof site to set up your own social network (similar to MySpace), and redesigning the team blog. In addition, one of our member-volunteers, Libby, has been hard at work putting together a MySpace page for our team. Soon to come- team promotions! I'd love to know what you think! Please check out our team blog and learn about some other fabulous Kentucky artisans, and if you're on MySpace, stop by and say hello! Be sure to friend us for special updates and friend-only offers in the future.

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