03 July 2008

Tales from the technology darkside and crazy hair

Technology hates me. I spent all day yesterday hating Vista, hating Nikon, and hating Sony. Trying to figure out who, ultimately, is responsible for everything technological breaking on me when I want it the most. Bill Gates? Nah, I don't even think he works anymore (don't send me hate mail, I could be wrong). Whoever it is, my internet keeps kicking me off when I am on IM or trying to upload something, my computer keeps freezing up (thanks, Vista), yesterday my camera kept freezing up when I had to take 100 product shots, and my Sony phone keeps doing this thing where anything involving sound doesn't work (which turns out, is everything on a phone).

So what's a girl to do to keep herself occupied when technology fails her? Shave her friend's hair, of course! That's right, my artistic outlet of the day was the mohawk I gave Zak:

Oh, and some new sweet cutout black plastic pendants I made, like this one:

Luckily, the art part of my brain wasn't made by Microsoft.

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