11 July 2008

How to Feel Warm and Fuzzy

This week's TGIF drink recipe will cool you off, and leave you (and your friends, if you decide to share) warm and fuzzy! What is it? Why, the cheapest to make, best margaritas in the world!! I got this recipe as a poor college student looking for a cheaper way to make margaritas from scratch, since I despise mixers. Even when I have the money to buy the usual (expensive) ingredients, I still end up making these, because they are the best!

Margaritas by the pitcher:
1 can frozen lemonade
half of 1 small can frozen limeade (make sure you use only half per batch!)
Pour both of these into your blender.
Add lemonade can full of Tequila (you said you wanted to drink, didn't you??)
Add 1 whole beer, any kind. I have used anything from a Miller Lite to a Corona, it really makes no difference, I assure you. Just don't use some crazy fruity beer or that Tequiza.
Add whatever amount of ice you can still fit in your blender and blend away! Pour into glasses and chill, baby!

Tip for salting the rims of your glasses: throw away that silly round thing full of lime juice and fancy margarita salt from the liquor/ specialty store. Buy a box of $1.50 kosher salt (the chunky kind) from the grocery, pour some in a plate, and rub the rim of your glass with a lime slice. Then dip in salt. Easy peasy!

While you enjoy your margaritas, consider something else that makes you warm and fuzzy: custom made goodies made just for you! Something about the thought that I'm the only one who has it, that is was made just for me, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. That's just why I made this pendant, to show how something as simple as a beloved photo can become a work of art you can wear everyday! Just look how I went from this picture (taken on my cell phone of Lady when she was a puppy):

To this:

Get yours today!! Only $20 includes digital alteration of your photo, pendant, 18" ball chain necklace and drawstring canvas bag to keep it all in! Click here to see more!

Have a lovely super hot weekend! xoxo

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Novita said...

Lovely little pendant to keep our very best friend close in heart........