04 July 2008

Drink of the Week

I've decided since I'm not bartending right now (see blog entry- My Bar Burned Down), that all the recipes I had should go to good use. So today is the first of my new TGIF drink of the week feature. Since we're on a squirrel kick this week, I bring you the Pink Squirrel. Named presumably for the almond-flavored, red-colored creme de noyaux that turns pink when mixed with cream, this creamy choco-nutty delight is perfect for dessert! Just take 1 oz creme de noyaux, 1 oz creme de cacao, and 1 oz heavy cream or half and half, shake with ice and serve straight up . Enjoy! Happy Fourth of July!!


HMBT said...

Sounds yummy, I'll have to try to make it sometime. :) Happy 4th!

Lily - Tulip's Talking from the said...

Yum! Then you see pink squirrels flying...LOL

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ElegantSnobbery said...

Yum!! Sounds good!