28 August 2008

Spray Paint Fun Part 3

This week I am scrambling to get everything done for the KWW Arts and Crafts Show this week, and needed to make some sort of display for my mini paintings. Maybe I'm cheap, or maybe its my eco-friendly raising that makes me dig through all the junk around the house before I buy anything, maybe its a little of both. After searching in vain for the right kind of wood to construct such a thing, I finally settled on an old, broken poster frame that has been sitting in the garage since I moved in. After fixing the frame with good ol' Gorilla Glue (that glue rocks!), I painted it lime green to match this cheap easel that's been collecting dust for several years now. Then I cleaned up the plastic "glass" from the frame and painted one side with glass frosting spray paint. I then hot glued the plastic in the frame to make sure it was secure, and then laid some of the same cutouts leftover from the necklace display board project and sprayed bursts of white and blue spray paint. The last thing was to add some shelves to put the paintings on, so I searched some more and came up with trim scraps from another household project and screwed them into the frame. Voila!
Be sure to come see what mini paintings I have- at marked down show special prices- this weekend! While you're there, pick up a goodie bag of handmade samples from me and other Etsy crafters, like these swell potscrubbers handmade by Mary Ellen's Crafts. I used one myself and can tell you firsthand, these nifty things really rock! Get one free and find out yourself, and then swing by her shop and show her some love!

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