27 August 2008

Fun with Spray Paint #2

My second fun thing to do with spray paint? How 'bout this fab necklace display I made from boards that came in the back of frames, push pins and corsage pins, and spray paint? All it took was a few cardboard cutouts, a good base coat of one color (also spray paint, of course) and several swooshie (yes, its a word) layers of different colors as I moved the cutouts between colors. The only cutouts I didn't move was where you see the light blue doves- the dark blue dove was a stencil dove I made and painted last.

Be sure the come to the KWW Arts and Crafts Show this weekend in Grand Rivers and check out the all new and rad pendants and necklaces I put on the display! While you're there, register to win a gift certificate and recieve a wonderful goodie bag full of handmade samples from other Etsy artists, like the super talented and very, very funny Annie Rexic!
At annierexic.etsy.com, you can get fresh and funky handmade pins, clothes and jewelry, all complete with hysterical descriptions that will keep you in stitches! She has some of these fun little handmade pins included in the goodie bags for you to take home. So be sure to drop by and say hello!

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